BASD was founded in 2021

Bulgarian Association for Sustainable Development embodies the faith and desire of a group of people to contribute to the maximum with their experience and knowledge for the development of Bulgaria. It is a community of people who decide to do what they can to help their city and country to develop, instead of invoking factors beyond their control. The youth and enthusiasm of the younger members of the team is supported in the right places by the experience of their wiser colleagues.

Lyuba Zheleva

A future LLM from Varna Free University, Lyuba is undoubtedly invaluable with her legal knowledge and attention to detail. She has participated in a number of student law competitions and the abilities she demonstrates there allow her to orient herself practically from her early years at the university. She wants to specialize in the field of Civil Law. Her extracurricular activities and all-round contacts in the legal field motivate her to fight for the practical realization of the ideas that the new jurists have for the improvement of the legal peace in Bulgaria.

Simeon Stoyanov

He graduated in European Studies at Sofia University. After internships in several state institutions and work in the private sector, he returned to Varna to be part of the change in his hometown. He has been in the non-governmental sector for two years, where he sees a suitable platform for the development of innovative ideas.

Vasil Manev

A graduate of the Language High School in Dobrich, he is a recipient of the Yordan Parushev Scholarship. Laureate in literature. He is currently a student of applied computer science at Ruprecht Carls University in Heidelberg, Germany. From 2018 to March 2021 he worked as an assistant in mathematics at the university. He manages the preparation of prospective students. He is a co-author of scientific articles.

Kostadin Savov

Kotzeto, as his relatives call him, acquired his LLM at the Faculty of Law of Sofia University in the not so distant 2019. He was a legal assistant, an intern in the legal department of one of the largest banks in Bulgaria, and currently continues to be one in a Varna company operating in the field of condominium management. In addition, he is the project coordinator of an association implementing several cross-border European projects. He believes that the only way of not succeeding is to stop trying, and he likes to sign contracts with a handshake. Chairman of the Management Board of BASD.

Ventsislav Savov

A former military pilot and lawyer for over 15 years, Ventsislav Savov is a lot of things, but mostly a hard-working professional. He has an extremely rich experience in various fields, often (in most cases successfully) helping his son check his dreams with reality and convert them into a manageable plan. His legal and organizational skills are the engine of many endeavors, both personal and for the many people he has helped over the years.


Our mission is simple - to use our experience and knowledge to improve the quality of life in Bulgaria. Direct it in the direction of its sustainable development.


We intend achieving our vision through different civic initiatives, uniting people into workgroups and activities, contributing for the society as a whole.


Work, faith and persistance.

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